Silk Made In Italy

Seteria Bianchi’s production is all carried out at the works in Capiago Intimiano (Como), the company base since 1926.

The raw material – the greige silk yarn – no longer comes from Italy as silkworm breeding and silk spinning, processes that require intensive manual labour and in which technology serves little use, has been entirely abandoned in the country for economical reasons.

As a result our silk company, like so many others, imports most of its silk yarn from China and some also from emerging countries such as Brazil. All the other processes however are carried out in Italy.

Our company has the yarn dyed by specialized local dye-works, while the warping and weaving is executed in-house using cutting edge machinery and, in certain cases, restored looms the company has had since its early days.

The finishing processes and any piece dyeing or fabric printing is done by other specialized companies in the area. It goes without saying that the creative design of our collections of fabrics for ties and furnishings is solely in-house.

As for technical production, we use only the very finest equipment designed by leading German, French and Japanese textile machinery firms.