Sales terms and conditions

All order proposals are understood to be assumed with the "subject to company approval" clause and will be binding for Seteria Bianchi only after the order confirmation has been returned undersigned by the buyer for acceptance. Lack of acceptance of the order by Seteria Bianchi does not give rise to any claim by the buyer for any title, reason or cause. Agreements and understandings with agents, representatives, etc. have only a bargaining value.

The delivery deadlines are not binding. The buyer may not demand partial or complete cancellation of the order, nor reimbursement for damages in the event of delays or reductions to the supply due to causes of force majeure. We reserve the right to cancel all or part of the order placed with us if the supplying the material which has been ordered from us should become difficult or impossible due to special circumstances of any nature. In this case we will be under no obligation to compensate damages or to supply the material at a later date, even if said circumstances have ceased to exist. Any strikes, wars, epidemics, railway interruptions, lack of materials, difficulty in restocking and any other causes which may force us to suspend deliveries will be understood as cases of force majeure which authorise suspension of fulfilment of contracts.

The goods are sent ex warehouse both for down advances and settlements and are shipped using the means of transportation indicated by the buyer. In the absence of this indication we will have the right to choose the means which we deem most appropriate without assuming any responsibility whatsoever. The goods always travel at the buyer's risk even in the event of a supply assumed with terms of free carriage. We will therefore not be responsible for any claim, whether for missing weight or for breakdowns which may occur during transport or unloading. The parties responsible for this will be the carriers, with whom the recipient must negotiation the specifics prior to pick up of the goods.

Due to general cost requirements, orders with a net invoice value less than €300.00 cannot be accepted; otherwise €13.00 will be charged as an administrative fee.

Any claims for defects in the goods are forfeit 10 days after arrival of the goods at destination. The defective goods must be returned to our address carriage free.

Returns - Warranty
Returns will be accepted only if authorised in advance and will be sent carriage free. The returned goods must be accompanied by an official packing list on which the supplier reference must also be indicated (invoice number, date, etc.) in accordance with the current tax provisions.

Payments are recognised as valid only if made directly at our domicile. We do not pay interest on advance amounts. Once payments expire interest for use begins. This moreover does not confer any right to the buyer to defer payment. In case of default, we reserve the right to cancel the entire order placed with us, or the part which has not yet been despatched, and at the same time to collect immediate payment of the material already supplied. In case of payment with cash order, should the same be returned to us unpaid, you will be charged €15.00 for unpaid management costs.

Retention of title
Delivery of our material is understood to be made and accepted with the condition of our retained domain until complete fulfilment of pending payment obligations. Any agreement not in compliance with our general terms and conditions of sale is binding only if agreed upon ahead of time in writing and if expressly accepted and confirmed subsequently in writing.

For all disputes and any controversies with regard to the interpretation or execution of supply contracts is exclusively the jurisdiction of the Court of Como.

Advisory in accordance with Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03. The information provided will be handled, with your consent, exclusively for commercial purposes in order to allow despatching of orders and relative accounting performance. The information will be handled on computer or hard copy support and will not be communicated to third parties except for banking institutions for any collection management. Exercising of the rights pursuant to Art. 7 is recognised, specifically requesting the source, updating, rectification or elimination of the information. The owner of the information is Seteria Bianchi Srl who, for the handling of the information, uses his or her employees and collaborators appointed for the purpose.