Jacquard Fabrics for Ties

Our product range is not standardized. We can propose a wide range of styles, both jacquard and plain ones.

We are in a position to propose around 40.000 tie designs, which were developed in-house for a wide variety of products. Moreover, over the years, we acquired various archives from famous silk-works that closed down, such as Schwarzenbach, Ravasi and Stromilli, so now we count about 100.000 designs in our historic archives.

We keep on innovating, combining tradition and technology, to meet all customers'requirements.

Each season we launch a collection of several hundred new designs, but our staff is also in a position to develop designs upon customers’ request, in order either to customize their collections according to their taste and style, or to create ties with personalised motifs or logos, e.g. for associations and companies.

Silk is the most used fiber in our ties, although we also manufacture products in mixed silk and other fibres, such as linen, wool and cotton, or metallised yarns including a special yarn with silk core and pure gold coating.

In addition to fabrics made upon customers’order, we always have a stock of different classic plain-dyed articles in a wide range of colours: faille, satin, gros-grain, moirè, satin back faille, grenadine, barathea, and an assortment of grisaille and traditional tartan designs. These articles can be ordered in any quantity and at any time.