Furnishing Fabrics

Seteria Bianchi is one of the very few companies that can offer pure silk furnising fabrics, which can be used for different purposes from heavy curtains to upholstery.

Our most precious jacquard fabrics take inspiration from the great European tradition of furnishing fabrics, notably the Italian and French ones: brocades, lampas, brocatel and damasks. We are in a position to offer several hundred products in around 1.800 designs.

Thanks to our 100-year-old experience and our 14.000 samples of fabrics, we can provide our customers with the certainty of a precise working. We can produce any type of fabric, thus meeting any customer’s requirement.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of warp striped fabrics, with over 400 designs of striping, including various Pekin (double warp) articles.

In addition to this line of products, which is perfect for historical buildings’ and palaces’ furnishing, refurbishing and restoration (i.e. Palazzo Madama in Turin), we also have a collection of simpler and more modern designs and fabrics, either plain or with jacquard effects. In addition to silk we also use some other fibres, mainly linen and cotton but also wool and artificial fibres, such as viscose and cupro.

Many plain fabrics and some classic damasks and brocades are normally in stock and ready for immediate delivery. All other fabrics are available on request.

Our customers may either select any design and colour in our catalogue or ask us for the production of personalised articles, designs and colours.