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Ensuing the tradition started by her father Ettore, Anna Bianchi has produced a new work of art with the innovative technique of the micro-tapestry.  Three hundred silk yarns in one square centimetre. The tapestry is made in pure silk, weaving a warp made of 11.520 white yarns with more than 38.000... read all

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We cater to the main industries and also to niche markets, providing a broad range of products such as fabric for vestments, flags and ‘gonfalons’ (long flags or banners); ribbon trim for cassocks and mayors’ sashes, available for immediate delivery;
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fabrics for tailoring and couture; and fabric for Italian flags – silk, weighing about 140 g/m2, or mixed cupro/cotton, weighing about 240 g/m2, yarn-dyed in the three colours and in various sizes (62, 100, 125, 150 and 180 cm in width), suitable for all official Italian flags ...